Jun 2013

Master Plan



The approved Master Plan of the port of Alexandroupolis summarizes the programmatic direction of the services involved and of OLA SA, about the future role of the facility, the future requirements of its users and the most satisfactory methods.

The Master Plan:

  • concerns a port facility of a way longer range than the current, which intends and aspires to upgrade – from a port of local importance that is today -to a major regional port, integrated into the Trans- European Transport Networks with versatile character.
  • meets the requirements of a long term and overall development plan, which ensures the required functionality, flexibility and extensibility of the installation and the efficient allocation of financial resources.
  • ensures satisfactory conditions of accessibility, so that the port operates smoothly, linking directly to the national road and rail network, minimizing disturbance to the city.
  •  achieves the integration of the port facility in the urban tissue while minimizing the resulting conflicts of flows and uses.

The time horizon of the Master Plan extends until 2025. The implementation will be gradual, depending on the market evolution and the rate of occurrence of needs. Based on this, the port of Alexandroupolis is divided into six (6) distinct functional areas, briefly described as follows (from west to east):

Area  A : Coastal shipping platform - Harbor and platform for yachts-Corresponding terrestrial port zone.

Area  B : Northern coastal platform of the old port - the main commercial pier in the western sector of the port - existing fishing harbor.

Area  C : Harbor container (C/S) and bulk terminals in the eastern sector of the port.

Area  D : Future commercial north platforms and Multi-user Station in the eastern sector of the port.

Area  E : Reception area for building installations of the Port Administration and Services, and of load management activities (Freight Center, Car Terminal, etc.), just north of region D and the main road access.

Area  F : New fishing harbor - Recreation and commerce zone in the eastern sector of the port.

Regions A and B belong to the western area of the port, while areas C, D, E & F to the eastern sector of the port. In operational terms, these areas are proposed to be organized according to the following port activities:

Area  A

Coastal Navigation (links to island ports and possibly to ports on the southeast coasts of Turkey).

Mooring of small boats.

Mild commercial and cultural activities in the disposed land area of the port.

Area  B

Commercial zone in the western sector of the port for handling general cargo and / or servicing Ro - Ro ships and a large passenger/cargo ship (one position).

Area  C

Container and bulk cargo handling.

Area  D

Future development of the multiuse port terminal and future expansion of port facilities of bulk or general cargo handling.

Area  E

Land and building facilities of services considering the management, operation and exploitation of the port.

Area  F

Fishing harbor and Ichthyoskala.

Wintering zone for vessels (recreational and fishing)

Recreation and trade zone.

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Master Plan

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