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Other Activities

Other activities within Alex / polis Port


Port Authority


The Main Port Authority of Alexandroupolis is housed in a building outside the land area of the port, on the coastal M.Alexandrou avenue, opposite the lighthouse.


The western sector of the port has three (3) outposts of the Port Authority of Alexandroupolis.


MEF Services


The premises of the Customs Office and Y.E.E.of  the MEF are sited within the inland port area and north of the coastal platform of the boat harbor , between the store No.9 of OSE and storehouse " Terzi " and include one (1) two-storey main building and two identical ground floor warehouses in contact and on either side.


Also, between the store of standard load and the dockers’ building has been sited an open fenced parking area for ODDY SA, with a total surface area of ​​1264.82 m2.


The Department of Chemical Services of Rhodope – Evros is housed in a two-storey building, which lays within the inland port area and north of the middle of the coastal trading platform in the western sector of the port.




Within the land area, there are warehouses owned by OSE, which either remain out of use (such as stores ' No9 "and "Terzi "), or are rented to individuals (store north of the Tall).


Four (4) branches of the existing rail network of OSE end in the land area of the western sector of the port of Alexandroupolis.


Ichthyoskala - Fishing facilities


The service building of Ichthyoskala , which lays north of the coastal platform of the small fishing harbor , serves the fishermen and fish merchants of the region and ETANAL SA is responsible for its exploitation.  


Prefabricated warehouses for trawlers have been built in the north of this building.




Two Unions of Dockers (" Hull" & "Waterfront ") operate in the port. Their clerical facilities and other activities are served by a building located at the height of the main commercial pier.


Nautathletic Club of Alexandroupolis (NOA)


The building where NOA is housed lays near the edge of the northwestern pier in the western sector of the port. Part of the building serves the sailing activities and the rest operates as a tavern - cafe.


Sea Scouts Alexandroupolis


Sea Scouts are housed in a building on the western boundary of the Terrestrial Port Zone .


Other Activities:


Tavern "MILL"


In ceded space in the Lighthouse area (deck of old bath complex).


Amateur - Sports clubs


Amateur Fishermen's Association of Evros

Association of Inflatable Boats of Alexandroupolis

Friends of the Sea

NOA Diving Department

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